Classical Pilates: Gratz Industries New York

Gratz Industries has been in the business of producing architectural metalwork, museum quality furniture and sculpture for many of the worlds greatest designers from its New York custom fabrication shop since it’s founding in 1929.

It was Frank Gratz that Joe Pilates approached over 50 years ago when he was looking for a manufacturer for his unique gymnastic apparatus. Donald worked closely with Joe to produce the entire range of apparatus to Joe Pilates original designs, and specifications. Frank’s son Donald who in the late 1960’s collaborated with Romana Kryzankowska carried on this integrity of design and intention and thanks to these links Gratz has remained true to Joe Pilates original vision by crafting apparatus with quality craftsmanship and exacting specifications.

Gratz apparatus can be found in countless studios throughout the world where teachers and students appreciate the difference and extra benefits gained from practice on such apparatus.

First generation teacher Jay Grimes and assistant to Joe and Clara Pilates, still teaching into his seventies has been quoted saying:

"Joe Pilates developed his exercise method and his apparatus hand in hand. He was adamant about performing the exercises with precision, and was equally adamant about the precision of the apparatus. For over for decades Gratz has been manufacturing Pilates apparatus to these exacting standards, and for me Pilates and Gratz go hand in hand. To achieve the true Pilates experience, and to get the full benefit of these exercises, Gratz is the only way to go."

The Green Room is proud to carry on this tradition and offer its clients a full studio of Gratz apparatus imported from New York to enhance their practice and experience the Pilates Method on the apparatus it was designed along side of.

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The Green Room was created to deliver the truest form of Pilates to the North of England, adhering to the original form and teachings of its creator, Joseph H Pilates.

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