Classical Pilates Benefits: Swimming / Surfing

Swimming and surfing are total-body exercise, requiring strength, stamina and endurance to perform, both sets of athletes will benefit from a complimentary whole-body Classical Pilates conditioning program to improve their core strength, muscular balance, breathing efficiency and balance and spatial awareness.

Creating a high level of performance while at the same time avoiding injury is only possible if there is functional balance of the muscles the extremities that move the body or board through the water. A Classical Pilates program will help the swimmer/surfer achieve better flexibility, strength and control, thereby increasing the form your stroke, or in the case of the surfer more balance and control while riding the board helping to make all manoeuvres more fluid.

The potential benefits of a Classical Pilates program for the swimmer or surfer are:

  • Improved swimming or paddling performance
  • Greater core strength
  • Restores the body’s natural posture creating better balance in the water or on the board
  • Increases stamina and endurance through the use of proper breathing techniques
  • Improves flexibility in shoulders, back, legs and hips for a better swim stroke or in the surfers case, improved paddling stroke and better pop up.
  • Balances strength around the joints and muscles against water resistance
  • Reduces a risk of over use injury by creating functional muscular balance around the joints.

Competitive swimmers who use Pilates as part of their training program:
Dan Torres competed in 5 Olympics winning 12 medals including 4 gold medals.
Natalie Coughlin, competed in 2 Olympics winning 11 medals including 1 gold medal

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