Classical Pilates Apparatus: Pedi Pole

It is thought that Joe Pilates invented this piece of apparatus to help a well-known opera singer improve her performance, the purpose of the Pedi Pole and the exercises performed on it are aimed at improving posture, alignment, increase breath control and challenge balance and control.

The Pedi Pole is constructed from a small wooden base onto which is mounted a tall metal tube almost seven foot in height on the top of which is mounted another metal pole mounted at 90 degrees to the upright making a large letter “T”, on to which there is a spring mounted at each end. The exercises are designed to use the upright pole as an image of the spine and the spine has to remain in alignment with the pole throughout the movement. The Pedi Pole was intentionally mounted on a very small base,not much larger than the space taken up by our feet when we are stood upright, thus making this piece of apparatus quite unstable and wobbly. It is this instability that adds extra challenge to a students control and balance throughout an exercise.

As with other pieces of Pilates apparatus this is also used when addressing the specific individual needs of the student who is being taught.


Pilates Pedi Pole

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