Classical Pilates Bookings: New to Pilates?

Here some information to help you answer any may have prior to your first visit.

How to begin your Pilates journey:

  1. Try a Pilates taster session with a friend to experience a little of the method before you decide to purchase the foundation mat package.

  2. Directly purchase a 5 or 10 session group class package whether on mat or apparatus.

  3. Directly purchase a 5 or 10 session private or semi private package.


 What do I wear?

It is recommend that the student wears close form fitting clothing when practicing Pilates, this is because of the manner in which Pilates is taught where the teacher needs to be able to observe the student and see the body clearly in order to be able to offer correct coaching or correction (baggy T shirts and bottoms make this very difficult)

Do I need to bring anything?

The studio provides all of the necessary equipment however it is recommended that the student bring a small towel.

Arrival and Late Arrival

New students should arrive at least 15 minutes before their first class begins in order to fill out our mandatory health questionnaire which is needed by your teacher prior to your first class. All information provided is kept confidential, stored securely and used solely for studio records.

Late Arrival

Please be aware that if you are more than ten minutes late for class the teacher may refuse you access to a group class, so please try to arrive on time, as the warm up is an essential part of the class.
If you are late for a private class the teacher will still finish at the allotted time.

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Join In: Benefits of Pilates

The Green Room was created to deliver the truest form of Pilates to the North of England, adhering to the original form and teachings of its creator, Joseph H Pilates.

Delivering exercise and tranquillity combined, good for the body, great for the soul.

With classes designed for all abilities, we really do have something for everyone.