Classical Pilates Apparatus: Power Circle

Some times called the magic circle, rumour has it that Joseph Pilates took inspiration from the iron hoops, which were part of the construction of a beer barrel, whether this is true or not, no one really knows. However by using the ring in a Classical mat workout adds an extra dimension to the workout demanding more strength and control from the student. The circle is a series of springy metal rings ranging from a light circle made up of one ring, a medium ring made up of 3 rings and finally a heavy ring made up of 5 rings of steel. Onto this circle there is mounted two pads with which to hold the either between the legs or in the hands.

The purpose of the ring was to challenge the powerhouse and strengthen the muscles, which draw the legs together (leg adductor muscles) of a strong individual. The ring can be brought in to add challenge to Classical mat classes from level 1 through to level three using the ring at the appropriate place in the order throughout. There is also a series of mat class endings based around reinforcing the powerhouse connections whilst simultaneously working the complete upper body, chest, back, arms and shoulders.


Pilates Magic Circle

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