Classical Pilates Apparatus: Reformer

The Reformer or Universal Reformer to give it its full name, was so called because it reforms the body and is one of the most widely recognised pieces of apparatus invented by Joe Pilates. The reformer uses springs connected to a moving carriage to provide progressive resistance throughout each exercise. The carriage moves along a framework and this movement is generated from the either the foot bar using the legs and powerhouse or by the back, shoulders, arms and powerhouse via a pair of straps attached to the carriage at the head end and passing around pulleys mounted on the frame of the Reformer. The creation and design of the Reformer, exercises and movements performed on it are truly those of a man ahead of his time. These exercises range from the fundamental to extremely advanced and to complete an advanced reformer workout using the complete exercise order could take the student over 10 years of diligent practice, such is the depth and complexity available in the Method.

 Classes on the reformer are split into experience levels:

Fundamental Reformer: student with some mat work experience who wishes to try apparatus, focus is on set up, placement, alignment, Pilates connections and learning the fundamental repertoire.

Level 1 Reformer: student moves up to level 1 when their teacher thinks they are competent to move on, exercise order and complexity change with larger range of movement incorporating more upper body work while still focussing on set up, alignment, placement and further deepening of the Pilates connections whilst learning the level 1 exercise repertoire.

Level 2 Reformer: Exercises become more complex and challenging to the student as the order is changed to accommodate gains in strength, flexibility and control. The student is asked to know exercise names, orders and families by this point. Level 2 challenges stability, precision, control, balance and flexibility.

Level 3 Advanced Reformer: at this stage the student should be familiar with exercise names, set up etc so this level challenges precision, execution and fluidity of movement, the tempo of the workout is challenged with more exercises performed in the class within the same time frame, more spinal articulation and undulation with a smaller base of support, increased emphasis on upper body stabilisation during more complex movement patterns. This is a VERY challenging workout and definitely not for everyone.

As with all apparatus classes at the Green Room the student has the option to train on a private one to one basis, semi private duet or trio or join a class with four other students. The private one to one class concludes with ten minutes working on the clients individual needs whereas the semi private and group classes end with classical hand weights, power circles or other suitable classical endings.

Pilates Reformer

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