Classical Pilates Apparatus: Bean Bag Roll Up Device

This simple little device consisting of a bar on to which a long piece of cord is attached at one end, while at the other there is a bag into which weights can be placed. This device was used to strengthen peoples wrists and forearms by simply holding the bag out at arms length with the bag just off the floor, then using the wrists only the student rolls the bar to coil the cord around the bar until the bag is lifted to the top. Not as easy as it sounds but great to help combat tennis and golfers elbow and weak wrists.

As can be seen Joe Pilates had an extremely creative and inventive mind to not only design and mostly make all of the original equipment but think up and perfect a whole host of exercises to compliment these inventions in order to help the individual some of which were designed to help a certain clients issue. Joe Pilates believed fully in the benefit of his method of body conditioning to everyone and only now many years after his death are people realising its true benefits and worth.

In the words of Joseph H Pilates:
“The acquirement and enjoyment of physical well-being, mental calm and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors, if there be any such fortunate living amongst us today.”



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The Green Room was created to deliver the truest form of Pilates to the North of England, adhering to the original form and teachings of its creator, Joseph H Pilates.

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