Classical Pilates Benefits: Musicians

Musicians should really consider themselves as athletes because the muscles and tendons used in a performance are put under constant stress in a very high pressure and focussed environment. For the orchestral musicians most performances consist of nearly two hours of continuous playing, these demands are intensified during a solo performance.

In addition, playing most instruments requires the musician to alter their natural posture or stance to accommodate the instrument. Picture the violinist, cellist, harpist or flutist to name but a few, all of these musicians make compromises in posture to adjust themselves to the physical dimensions of their instrument while playing it.

To maintain a high level of performance, musicians need an exercise regime which can correct muscle imbalances, strengthen their core and stabiliser muscles, Pilates is an excellent way for the musician to address these issues and prevent the common place repetitive strain injuries that plague lots of musicians.

A personalised Pilates program will include exercises to restore trunk and pelvic stability, improve flexibility, muscle balance, strength, endurance and promote efficient breathing patterns. All of which will go a long way to helping the musician play a longer repertoire with less fatigue.

The potential benefits of regular Pilates practice for the musician are:

  • Improved instrumental performance
  • Prolongs playing career
  • Builds core strength, shoulder and pelvic stability
  • Improved breath control
  • Restore the body’s natural posture allowing more efficient use of the trunk and arms
  • Increased playing endurance thanks to better trunk and shoulder stability
  • Can alleviate pain and tension by improving spinal alignment and posture
Can reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries by creating functional muscle balance

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