Classical Pilates Classes: Private Classes

One to One

When working on a one to basis the sessions are designed around the specific goals and needs of a client, working this way the client experiences the complete Method using all apparatus and equipment available.


In this class two people of the same fitness and experience levels exercise together once again on all of the apparatus trying at the same time to address the needs and the goals of the students, training in a duet makes it cheaper than one to one while still managing to have more individual attention than in a group class.


Like the duet class, all students are at a similar fitness and experience level however there is less focus on individual needs and more on the class using different pieces of apparatus not available to larger group class. This class is more cost effective as it is cheaper than one to one and duet, making it more affordable way for anyone who doesn’t want to work one to one but still wishes to experience training on the apparatus. 

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The Green Room was created to deliver the truest form of Pilates to the North of England, adhering to the original form and teachings of its creator, Joseph H Pilates.

Delivering exercise and tranquillity combined, good for the body, great for the soul.

With classes designed for all abilities, we really do have something for everyone.