Classical Pilates Apparatus: High chair/ Electric Chair

So called because of its similarity to the infamous electric chair found in American prisons of old, is  generally used in the individual needs portion of a students workout. This chair is the most stable because of support afforded to the student thanks to its high back. Resistance and challenge comes in the form of an adjustable spring resisted pedal. The Electric and Wunda chair are usually only given to experienced Pilates students and the Electric chair is where that student will begin because of its greater stability.

The exercise on all chairs have only two levels but this takes nothing away from the difficulty of performing any of the exercises, the student is now to called to work in three planes which is not only taxing on the power house but also on balance and proprioception.

Some exercises are learned on the electric chair first and then the when the student is proficient they can then move on to the smaller Wunda chair. Sometimes a teacher could put together a Chair and Barrel class to challenge a group of strong students.


Pilates Electric Chair

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