Classical Pilates Apparatus: Foot Corrector

As the name implies this small piece of apparatus is used to “correct the feet”, Joe Pilates noticed that lots of clients of his had issues with the feet such as fallen arches and weak ankles amongst other things. He was well aware of how important the feet were to optimum functioning and alignment of the body because we spend most of our time on them and a lot of our postural and alignment issues, stem not just from the jobs we do and the way we live our lives, but can in some cases be attributed to poorly functioning feet and ankles.

Exercises on the foot corrector are used to help strengthen the muscles of the foot and ankle which in turn improves the function of the foot which will have a positive impact on the alignment of each joint in the chain above it, i.e.: ankle, knee, hip, back etc.


Pilates Foot Corrector

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