Classical Pilates Benefits: Cycling

Cycling is a low impact form of exercise that results in fewer injuries than any other form of aerobic exercise, however the act of cycling revolves around certain muscle groups while ignoring others. Cycling overworks the hip flexors and the riding position on the bike keeps the spine and shoulders rounded, riding constantly in this position creates inflexibility and muscular imbalance that can lead to leg and torso injuries.

Cyclists who use regular Classical Pilates workouts to enhance their training can expect to see the following benefits.

  • Increases in powerhouse (core) strength and leg strength to improve pedal stroke effectiveness.
  • Builds upper body strength without bulk to help the cyclist maintain correct posture while riding.
  • Increases flexibility in the hamstring and lower back area.
  • Reduces chance of lower back injury by increasing flexibility in the hip flexors and quadriceps.
  • Corrects any muscular imbalances to stabilise the leg movement during pedalling.
  • Improves balance and control helping to minimise falls.
  • Increases breathing efficiency through proper Pilates breathing technique.

Developing posture, balance and control through regular Pilates practice will help cyclists maintain a correct riding position on the bike, in turn helping them achieve an optimum pedalling rate.

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