Pilates Fitness Benefits: Antenatal Women

Pilates during pregnancy is best followed either on a one to one basis with a suitably experienced teacher or within a small class of no more than 6 with students.

Practicing Pilates throughout pregnancy is very beneficial as the clients workout can be adapted for every stage of the pregnancy taking into account all of the changes happening within the body during each stage of the pregnancy. Pilates when performed during pregnancy focuses around pelvic floor and abdominal strength, gentle stretching and mobilisation and breathing. With the correct instruction and modified program there is no reason that the new mum to be cannot practice Pilates right up to the birth.

The benefits of regular practice throughout pregnancy include:

1.Stronger pelvic floor, which combats incontinence and will help during labour.
2. Improved sense of well being, knowing that you can still perform exercise throughout the whole term and still gain lots of benefits from a stimulating and enjoyable workout.
3. Added emphasis on the breath work during workouts can help during labour.
4.Improved possibility of returning to previous fitness levels and body shape quicker post partum than a mum who had not exercised during pregnancy.
5.Helps to prevent back pain and sciatica associated with the structural changes happening within the body during pregnancy.

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