Classical Pilates Apparatus: Wunda Chair

The Wunda chair is probably one of the very first pieces of home gym equipment, Joe Pilates designed it for a family of circus performers who wanted to exercise at home and as they travelled around the country. The Wunda chair is actually designed to be able to be used as an arm chair yet when turned on it's  back it woulld then ready to be used as a piece of gymnastic apparatus with the same spring resisted pedal arrangement found on the Electric chair however with a much a much smaller base from which to work from.

In the month of August Joe Pilates would close his studio to escape the oppressive heat of New York but would tell his clients to “let me teach you the Wunda chair and then you can practice Pilates in the comfort of their own home”.

Because of the size of the top and the fact that there is no back or handles the exercises are much more challenging for strength, balance and proprioception than its brother the Electric chair the Wunda chair is usually only given to an experienced person and unlike the Electric chair, there is a class solely designed around the Wunda chair.

In a class situation, numbers would be low, no more than 4 students and the chair could be used with other apparatus as well as the mat to make an interesting and challenging class with exercises split between level 1 and level 2.


Pilates Wunda Chair

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