Classical Pilates Benefits: Rugby Union and League

Rugby is a high impact contact sport and as such all players need to be physically prepared and conditioned to take the continual impact experienced during a game or training. Training modalities are geared to increase the size, strength and power of the player to make them more effective, however all of the effects of playing and training are continually inducing compressive forces onto the body either by taking the hits in the game, in training or by lifting heavy weights in the training room.

By adding regular Pilates practice as a form of cross training to their regular training plan, a player can try to balance all the effects of playing the game by using the movements and exercise found in the Classical Pilates Method to balance the body by increasing strength and stability in the vital areas of the core abdominals, back and shoulder stabilisers and the muscles of the hips while at the same time improving flexibility, coordination, balance, concentration and body awareness.

Picture the image of a side stepping, jinking player evading players attempts at tackling him, this player is not only relying on natural talent but also the strength in his power house, balance, flexibility, spatial awareness and focus. All of these attributes are brought into play when a person practices Pilates as it was meant to, using all 6 Pilates Principles.
Professional rugby players from all over the world as well as American footballers in the NFL are waking up to the fact that Pilates can be a valued addition to their training, teams using the Pilates method as part of their training include: New Zealand All Blacks, England, Wasps, Canterbury Bulldogs, Melbourne Storm and the Buffalo Bills to name but a few.

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