Classical Pilates Apparatus:  Spine Corrector

The spine corrector or step barrel as it is sometimes called, is a small barrel with a step or seat at one end. The beauty of this barrel is that when performing an exercise whilst sat on the seat the lumbar spine is supported, which assists the powerhouse muscles in their job of stabilizing the torso during the exercise. As well as performing exercises whilst seated on the step a student can also can also lay over the arc section of the barrel with their tail bone (coccyx) securely planted on the apex, the back is then supported by the curve in the barrel with the head and shoulders resting on the floor. Lying in this position not only fully supports the back but also releases tension in the back while at the same time keeping pressure and tension out of the neck and shoulders.

Exercises performed using the spine corrector are performed within a Classical Mat work session using the appropriate order for the level of the students in the class and substituting the spine corrector exercise for the corresponding mat exercises when it arises in the order. As with all of its cousins in the barrel family the spine corrector enhances flexibility and strength in the spine, powerhouse strength, improving flexibility and opening of the hip, chest and shoulder areas .It is also a useful tool to help students learn to roll their legs overhead using proper muscle activation and not momentum, this is a safe way to learn this difficult movement properly due to the support afforded by the barrel.


Pilates Spine Corrector

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