Classical Pilates Benefits: Dancers

There is a common misunderstanding that Joe Pilates created his Method specifically for dancers however this couldn’t be further from the truth, as it was originally created for men. However, Pilates has long been associated with dance because when Joe Pilates opened his first studio in  New York at a former boxing gym called Drago's there were several dance studios based in the same building. George Ballanchine; a famous choreographer of that era saw the benefits of Mr Pilates's exercise system and sent many of his injured dancers to him to be "fixed".

Dancers have long favoured Pilates as a method of sculpting a strong, balanced and flexible physique or rehabilitating from an injury probably due to the manner in which Joe Pilates insisted all of his movements were to be performed. Purity of form, excellence of movement, and movements that flow as seamlessly as possible from one to the next make Pilates more akin to a dance than exercise. It may have been this similarity between two different forms of movement, one an art form the other exercise that has kept dancers over the years practicing Pilates.

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