Classical Pilates Benefits: The Healthy Individual

The Pilates Method was primarily designed around a healthy individual as a form of corrective exercise to combat the effects of modern life that Joseph Pilates observed in the general population of his time such as, poor posture, poor flexibility, giving rise to muscular skeletal issues such as back pain, neck pain and shoulder issues etc. These issues are still prevalent today however due to the faster pace of life, more cars, more sedentary lifestyle and a reduction in the amount of structured physical activity lots of the population take part in, the effects are more widespread. When an individual decides to begin to regularly practice the Classical Pilates method they can expect to experience the following benefits:

1.Develops almost every aspect of physical fitness: strength, flexibility, co-ordination, agility and endurance.
2.Heightens body awareness
3.Enhances body control
4.Teaches correct muscle activation.
5.Corrects posture, alignment and muscular imbalances.
6.Improved balance and proprioception (awareness of the body and its joints in relation to space).
7.Breathing will improve bringing along the related physical and psychological benefits associated with more efficient breathing.
8.Improved focus and concentration.
9.Due to the balanced nature and structure of the workout it helps promote relaxation and the release of tension from within the body.
10.Helps to promote optimum alignment of joints within the body while at the same time keeping muscles and bone structure in an optimal state too.
11.Serves as an effective cross training workout to compliment athletic, sporting pursuits and daily activities.
12.Improves muscle tone by building longer and leaner muscles unlike the shorter more bulky muscles associated with conventional weight training. People report looking and feeling slimmer.

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