Classical Pilates Classes: Mixed Classes

All classes are mixed and open to anyone having the desired level of experience in the Pilates Method...

Pilates for Men

Given that the majority of participants in Pilates, an exercise system designed by a man originally for men are women, the Green Room plans to offer classes just for men, most of whom hold the opinion that Pilates is a method just for women and not demanding enough for them.

It is a misconception that Pilates is only for dancers or women and isn’t challenging enough for men to perform. Joseph Pilates was a boxer, accomplished skier, circus performer amongst other things and developed his method of body conditioning with men in mind. Pilates whether performed on the mat or apparatus is a workout designed to challenge the strength, control, flexibility and stamina of an individual in a one hour long non stop flowing workout. Used, as part of a balanced fitness regime Pilates will enhance performance in sport as well as daily life. Some well known sports personalities who regularly perform Pilates include David Beckham, Tiger Woods, Ryan Giggs and players from the New Zealand All Blacks, England, Canterbury Bulldogs and Melbourne Storm rugby teams.

Pilates for Women

The Pilates method has historically been practiced by more women than men primarily due to the fact that lots of the early teachers were women, however the main appeal coupled maybe with the fact that many celebrities swear by it is the non competitiveness of the method. Regular practice builds flexibility, firms and tones the muscles of the stomach and bottom and develops longer leaner toned muscles, unlike the development of short bulky muscles associated with lifting heavy weights in the gym. Famous women who regularly practice Pilates include, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Uma Thurman, Cindy Crawford, Tina Turner and many more.

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The Green Room was created to deliver the truest form of Pilates to the North of England, adhering to the original form and teachings of its creator, Joseph H Pilates.

Delivering exercise and tranquillity combined, good for the body, great for the soul.

With classes designed for all abilities, we really do have something for everyone.