Classical Pilates Benefits: Athletes / Performers

The “buzz” word in the fields of athletic and sporting conditioning at the moment is PILLAR STRENGTH; this can be defined as a central pillar of strength from which all movement begins.

This pillar is built from a base of stability and strength in the shoulders, core and hips, this pillar is the link which allows the arms and legs to move the body from a position of strength and stability. Enhancing an athlete’s pillar strength makes movement more efficient, improves balance, posture and can reduce the risk of injury.

Over 100 years ago Joe Pilates recognised and understood that all movement originates from a strong and stable centre. In the exercise method he created called “The Art of Controloogy” later to be called Pilates, this strong, stable centre was  to be referred to as the POWER HOUSE and the power house or Pilates Box is made up of the stabilising muscles of the shoulders, shoulder blades, all abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles, muscles of the hips (adductors, abductors, flexors and extensors) and the small stabiliser muscles of the spine. In short the Pilates power house is made up of the same muscles found in the modern day pillar. This is one of the many reasons why it is beneficial for the athlete, sportsman, dancer, weekend warrior or gym rat to include Pilates as a form of cross training to enhance their performance and guard from injury in their preferred activity.

Regular Pilates practice can help all sportsmen or women at whatever level they perform or help in injury rehabilitation. See our reviews on athletic advantages.

Other sports where performance can be improved and threat of potential injury reduced by the participant following a Pilates conditioning program include:

Equestrianism, cricket, basketball, motor sport, diving, ice skating, wind surfing, canoeing, rock and ice climbing, mountaineering, hockey to name but a few.
Built into sports persons, regular training regime Classical Pilates will provide the benefits, which lead to, improved performance and reduced injuries regardless of what sport they participated in.

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