Classical Pilates Benefits: Football

As in rugby, football requires a player to have the ability to rapidly change direction often at full or near to full pace and at the same time make a tackle, pass a ball, run with the ball or take a shot at goal, all with controlled power and often from an unbalanced position.

Lack of powerhouse strength and an inflexible physique all hamper the player’s ability to perform these crucial skills with efficiency and control thus opening up the potential for injury. Pilates practice helps the player improve their strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and control.

Football managers such as Arsene Wenger have long been advocates of the need for flexibility and suppleness in players to help them perform at their best, Pilates is ideal to achieve this.

Players such as Ryan Giggs and David Beckham both of who regularly practice Pilates attribute the fact that they are still able to play at such a high level even at the twighlight of their careers to the part Pilates plays in helping them stay flexible and injury free.

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